The most powerful tourist bus rental company in Hurghada

The most powerful tourist bus rental company in Hurghada

Bellevue uses high-efficiency cars in terms of motor power and equipment that suit tough operating conditions and uses the highest level of technology in the European bus industry.

Our modern fleet of buses operates 24 hours a day with a regular operating schedule.

Bellevue Travel Land Transport is a leading company in the field of passenger transport in Hurghada.

We aim to develop the transportation system and raise the quality of service provided to the Egyptian passenger and tourist

Bellevue Travel Company is keen to operate the best modern means of transportation, which are equipped to suit the daily operation and the Egyptian standard specifications. All buses are air-conditioned and equipped with the best means of entertainment. We also provide a light meal for each passenger during the trip and apply the highest standards of quality and safety through periodic maintenance.

نقل سياحي 6

نقل سياحي 5

نقل سياحي 8

نقل سياحي 22

نقل سياحي 9

نقل سياحي 14

نقل سياحي 3

نقل سياحي 18

نقل سياحي 19

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