Diving safari Marsa Alam

Diving safari Marsa Alam

Our program is named “Dolphin Adventures” include:

  • Booking airline tickets
  • Full insurance
  • Entrance Visa
  • Rentable Vehicles
  • And a lot more.

Now, let's get into the point. Ladies and Gentlemen, le t me introduce you to our unique program that I can assure you that you will not regret if you decided to honor us and join us in this one of a kind journey. In the first day, you will be welcomed at the airport by your own tour leader. He will transport you into your own vehicle, then you will be transported to the Marina where you will be able to find the ship that you will be spending your fantastic week in. If your flight arrived at Hurghada Airport, it will take you about 4 hours to arrive at the place where the ship is located, and if your flight arrived at Marsa Alam Airport, it will take you about couple of hours only. Also keep in mind that of course there will be some stops so you can have some rest.

When you arrive at the place where the ship is located, you will be welcomed and will be offered drinks and snacks and of course you will relax and chill for a bit before you get assigned to your own rooms. The ship has 12 rooms, containing fully working air conditioning systems. Each room consists of two beds, private bathroom and a small reception for eating your meals, PLUS a second floor for enjoying the beautiful sun and relaxing.

After arriving at the boat and you get your own room, we will be having our dinner course. Since you probably will be arriving at night, we will start to sail into the sea the next day in the early morning, since it's not possible to sail during the night.
It will take the ship approximately two hours to arrive at the House of Dolphins, which is a beautiful spot in the Red Sea. When we arrive at the House of Dolphins, you will have your decent breakfast, and then you get to have some rest if you desire one. After that, a test will be conducted on each individual in order to know his or her swimming skills and abilities. After the test is conducted, we will exit the main ship and start to sail in a smaller boat that can hold up to 8 individuals. We will go and search for the beautiful, playful, and fascinating dolphins.

You get to play with the dolphins two times in one day. You may spend about one hour, or even more, playing with the dolphins, and that of course depends on the mood of the dolphin, if it wants to play or not. However, in some or times or days, Dolphins don't come back to their house, and that is very normal. But, you don't have to worry about that because this specific spot contains beautiful, colorful, shining, and amazing Coral Reefs. Also, there will be plenty of colorful fish, trust me you will be amazed by only how they look.

Now, I can assure you that you will be experiencing and enjoying a one of a kind journey, that you will never forget in your entire life! I can also promise you that if you came and saw this amazing city, you will be visiting it again in the future, and you can have my word for that. You get to see the sun from beneath the sea, and the sun setting just at those beautiful rising and enormous mountains. You will get to see the starts in the dark as if you're looking at it through a telescope. In the night, everywhere around you is dark, and that's why the stars look so shiny and visible. You will get to sleep on the relaxing sound of waves for a whole week. I personally adore this place, and you will get exactly why I do when you experience this wonderful journey.

In the last day, after you have your lunch, we will be going to a small island located nearby the Marina. This island has a lot of green small trees, that are so green and shiny, and in the summer season, those trees are filled with beautiful kind of birds as well. This island is so fascinating also. After you get back from this island, you will be transported back to your airport, just like you were transported to the ship. We are looking forward to see you soon!

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