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Hurghada Diving Trips - Bellevue Company


Our fun trip to dive into the depths of the Red Sea begins at exactly nine in the morning, as the boat begins to move in the direction of the first place where we start diving.

Meanwhile, the crew of the boat begins to deliver the diving equipment to each individual and train them fully, and give you a simplified course on how to learn underwater and how to dive.

When we reach the first stop, we start diving in turn. Each dive lasts about 15 minutes under the water, accompanied by a diving instructor. Do not worry about anything. Do not be alone if it is your first time diving.

After the first dive, we start moving again to another place, during which lunch is served on the boat with hot and cold drinks.

We reach the second stop and start repeating the dive as in the first time.

  • All beginners unanimously agreed that the second dive is more beautiful and wonderful, as the fear of snorkeling has disappeared after diving for the first time.

Many have asked: I do not know how to swim, can I dive? You can by all means dive. You do not have to know how to float in order to be able to dive. Swimming is one thing and diving is another thing, but you must have the courage and ability to try exciting diving.

Finally, we start moving at exactly three in the afternoon by returning to the marina in Aman Allah at four in the afternoon, God willing.

  • The boat crew and divers are highly trained to work on your comfort and enjoy your time.

Just, all you have to do is have fun with us :)

The price includes

Complete diving equipment.
Diving suit according to your size.
Lunch on the boat.
Water for the duration of the trip.
Hot and cold drinks.


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